William N. Rowley, PhD, PE, D-IBFES, D-NAFE

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Swimming Pool Filter Pneumatic Separation ("Explosion")

Dr. Rowley is recognized as a leading expert on swimming pool filter pneumatic separation. He has been consulted in numerous such cases in the last 30 years. This type of accident typically involves the top half of a pool filter separating from the bottom half with enormous force upward (which appears to be an explosion, though it is not technically an explosion).

Dr. Rowley's particular expertise in pool filters goes back many years. His doctoral dissertation on Hi-Rate Sand Filtration entailed a comparative analysis of filters for five years. As Director of Engineering for a major swimming pool manufacturer, he engineered and pressure-tested more than 300,000 filters, approximately 30,000 per year for 10 years. He has tested (and blown apart) literally hundreds of filters in the course of his research.

Drawing upon his more than 40 years of expertise in mechanical design, and his more than 35 years of expertise in the construction of swimming pools and their associated equipment facilities, Dr. Rowley is able to accurately analyze the quality and failure of pool filters and their components, whether or not they are NSF Standard 50 compliant.

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