William N. Rowley, PhD, PE, D-IBFES, D-NAFE

Expert witness for aquatic accidents, drownings, suction entrapment, diving accidents, swimming pools, spas, wading pools, design, engineering, construction, construction defects, patents.

Expert Witness for Swimming Pools and Aquatics

William N. Rowley, PhD, PE, D-NAFE, D-IBFES is an invaluable resource in forensic engineering as an expert witness. World-renowned for his research, expertise, and innovations during more than 40 years of experience as a licensed professional engineer, he has received the industry's highest honors.

Dr. Rowley’s expertise in suction entrapment accidents, quadriplegic diving accidents, drownings and near-drownings, swimming pool design and construction, and swimming pool filter pneumatic separation ("explosion") is second to none. His knowledge extends to the environments of commercial pools, residential pools, and natural bodies of fresh and salt water. In both research and application he also offers expert analysis on construction accidents, in aquatic and non-aquatic environments, in the areas of slips and falls, dynamics, kinematics, and synergy of bodies in motion. Additionally, Dr. Rowley provides expert accident reconstruction services for all of the above situations.

Dr. Rowley has been consulted in more than 900 legal cases since 1970. Attorneys find his extensive courtroom experience extremely valuable to each case. He presents expert, objective, professional testimony to help new and veteran attorneys alike as they traverse the scientific and legal complexities of cases within the United States and its territories, and in other countries around the globe.

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