William N. Rowley, PhD, PE, D-IBFES, D-NAFE

Expert witness for aquatic accidents, drownings, suction entrapment, diving accidents, swimming pools, spas, wading pools, design, engineering, construction, construction defects, patents.

Accident Reconstruction

Dr. Rowley is recognized as one of the leading experts on accident reconstruction for cases involving suction entrapment accidents, quadriplegic diving accidents, drownings and near-drownings, swimming pool design and construction, and swimming pool filter pneumatic separation ("explosion"). He has been retained in more than 900 cases, drawing on his more than 40 years of engineering experience.

Dr. Rowley is skilled at researching the effects of various potential elements relevant to any particular accident case. For example, with incidents involving a person, he works closely with biomechanical engineering associates to create a computerized reconstruction which includes forces, velocities and trajectories. In such a way, he can facilitate the understanding of virtually every aspect of how a particular accident occurred, and conditions present before, during, and after the incident of interest.


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Dr. Rowley offers invaluable expertise in forensic engineering as an expert witness. Read about his work in the following areas:

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